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Is Asiana Airlines the Best Option for Your LA to Incheon Flight

Whenever people asked if I was excited for my trip to Korea, my response was consistently, "Absolutely, I'm thrilled, but I'm worried about the flight." The outbound flight stretched for 13 hours, with the return taking 10. Before this, my longest flight was merely a 5-hour venture to the East Coast, which I just about endured.

Asiana Airlines became my choice by default as my preferred travel times on Korean Airlines were fully booked. My heart was set on experiencing a Korean airline, particularly for the culinary offerings. Traveling with family meant ensuring everyone would be satisfied with the meal options. I opted for the additional 4 inches of legroom for the outbound flight. I wasn't sure if such a seemingly minor adjustment could enhance the travel experience but it certainly did. On the return leg, I secured a seat in the second row from the front. The prospect of sitting at the back, facing endless rows of seats, seemed unnerving. Being closer to the front, however, offered a sense of calm. I would recommend this for those who have anxiety.

Now, onto the highlight you've been waiting for: the food. Our evening departure was around 10:00 PM. Roughly an hour into the flight, dinner was served. My family chose the Korean option, bibimbap, while I went for the penne pasta, a non-Korean choice. The bibimbap came with soup. The penne pasta came with a bread, salad and dessert.

Come morning, breakfast was provided. The Korean selection was spicy chicken, and the alternative was a hearty plate of eggs, ham, tater tots, and mushrooms, accompanied by fruit and a croissant.

The return flight, scheduled for late afternoon around 4 PM, also included meal service after takeoff. I opted for the Ssambap for dinner, complete with adorable instructions for those unfamiliar with how to enjoy it. It came with soup, kimchi, and a rice cake for dessert.

In the wee hours, around 10 PM, the crew offered a pizza snack.

Breakfast was eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns.

Throughout both flights, the attendants were ever-present, offering water, tea, or coffee to ensure we remained hydrated and comfortable. I didn't have high expectations of the food but was pleasantly satisfied.

Toward the end of each flight, an innovative touch was introduced—a video showcasing stretching exercises designed for passengers. I found this to be a thoughtful and intelligent addition to the flying experience. It not only offered a moment of light activity but also emphasized the airline's commitment to passenger comfort and well-being during such lengthy journeys. This small yet impactful gesture made a significant difference, highlighting the care and attention to detail that Asiana Airlines invests in ensuring a pleasant travel experience for all its passengers.

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