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My first Tanghulu!

Tanghulu is a traditional Chinese snack. Before modern refrigeration techniques were available, preserving fruits for an extended period was a challenge. By coating fruits in a sugar syrup and allowing it to harden, people could effectively preserve the fruits, allowing them to be enjoyed throughout the year.

According the Korea Times, "The sweet treat originated in China during the Song dynasty (960-1279), when Emperor Guangzong's favorite concubine fell ill and a doctor suggested she eat hawthorn berries fried in brown sugar every day for a fortnight."

The sweet treat was introduced to Korea by Chinese immigrants. The recent surge of popularity can be credited to people posting asmr videos of crunching the sugary coating. Koreans love a good trend!

I got my first taste at the night market in Busan at Haeundae beach. Will post more about the beach later!

I'm sure they sell them here somewhere but since I don't know where...I decided to try to make it myself.

Ok it was a little hard. After researching on YouTube, I found this easy recipe.

Pour the sugar (however much you want) into pan or pot with medium heat.

Pour water (half the amount of sugar. So 2 cups of Sugar = 1 cup of Water).

DO NOT MIX. This seemed really emphasized in every reel.

Boil to 300 degrees. (About 20 minutes)

Dip the fruit of your choice in the concoction.

Dip in ice water to make it crunchy.

Here's my tangerine tanghulu! Not bad at all. What can be candied next?!

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